Monday, November 26, 2007

Train Signal Sharepoint 2007 Training Kit – A review

Last week, I received a complimentary copy of the Train Signal’s Sharepoint 2007 raining kit. The training I found it to be very interactive one with audio/video tutorials.

The training covers almost all of these topics comprehensively:

1. Lab Setup
2. Installation of SharePoint Services 3.0
3. Web Apps and Site Collections
4. Site Creation
5. Site Building Blocks
6. More Site Building Blocks
7. Adding Users and Groups
8. Document Libraries
9. Custom Content Items and Lists
10. Alerts and RSS
11. Monitoring SharePoint
12. Back Up and Restore
13. Setting Up an Extranet Environment
14. SSL Configuration
15. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Installation
16. Workflows
17. Personalization and MySite
18. Excel Services and Report Center
19. Search Configuration for MOSS
20. Site Template and Publishing Portal

The training starts with guiding you to setup your own Sharepoint 2007 environment in Virtual Server 2005. Installation of Sharepoint 2007 given is also comprehensive.

The training in beginning starts from simple things like creating document libraries, configuring users and then goes on to advanced concepts like Creating custom content types and configuring email for Sharepoint 2007. In fact, I was impressed by some of the topics covered like securing a site using SSL, setting up Extranet which have not been usually covered by other training kits and bloggers.

The instructor manages to get straight to the point on most all the subjects and can have you successfully administering the Sharepoint 2007 server in a short amount of time. The class seems aimed at the administrator for the most part but developers would also benefit from it. In my view, this training kit could prove a boon for a complete beginner in Sharepoint as it does not assume any previous knowledge in Sharepoint and takes things from scratch.

The training kit covers from set up to detailed creation of web applications, sites, document libraries and work flow. There is a load of information in the presentations. The presentations are then followed up with demonstrations. The presentations are split up in easily accessible videos integrated using a Flash program to review and re watch the segments you need to use as a refresher.

The good thing about training is that the instructor explains each and every option like Host headers, Quota templates, which can be quite confusing for a beginner.

To summarize the review of this training kit:

This is a great learning aid. Takes you from scratch to quite advanced SPS/WSS administration and customization quickly if you go straight at it, or a little at a time if that's all the time you have. The presentation style is relaxed and adds enormously to the rate at which concepts are picked up. I have often been disappointed by the depth of knowledge that some 'trainers' actually have, but this package is supported by vast in-depth knowledge of the product.

Score: 9/10


  • Interactive with audio video
  • Each and every topic explained in detail
  • Very useful for a complete beginner in sharepoint


  • More Admin oriented rather than developer