Monday, January 22, 2007

How to use Site Groups as audiences in Shared Services

SSP's can only target Active Directory lists or Security Groups. Ben Curry shows in his blog,
how to use even use Site Groups as audiences in Shared Services ...
See more here..

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Adding data to Sharepoint Lists in bulk from database, Excel files

Many a times, it is required to import data in sharpoint lists from sources like SQL Server, Access db
or Excel files.
Here I will outline the steps required to import data in list from these sources. We can even link a sharepoint
list to SQL database, so that updates made to one are relfected in other and vice versa.
This is achieved through linked table feature.
  • Lets fire up Access 2007 and create a new blank access database.

  • Go to External data ribbon and we will choose ODBC to link this table to the SQL Server database.

  • Choose link to data source by creating a linked table

  • Choose a DSN for your data source or create a new one.

  • Once you get the table into Access 2007, right click the table and Choose Export -> Sharepoint List

  • Specify the address of sharepoint site and the name of the list you want to create and you are done :)

  • Sharepoint will itself create the site columns and select the data types for these columns based on the data types specified in the table.
Here we have imported the data into list from SQL server database. This can be extended to XML files, Excel files or even the Access database , paradox or even the Lotus database :)
Not to mention, just like import, you can export the data from sharepoint list to Access, SQL Server etc.....

Errors syncing SharePoint 2007 lists with Outlook 2007

I used to get a very frequent error whenever I got my document library offline to
Outlook 2007.
Task 'SharePoint' reported error (0x8000FFFF) : 'An error occurred either in
Outlook or SharePoint. Contact the SharePoint site administrator.'
'Outlook cannot connect to Windows Sharpoint Services site.'
If anyone is facing similar error, try doing NET STOP SENS at the command prompt.
This stops the System Event Notification Service.
After stopping this service, all connections to offline calendars, document libraries
started working fine.
Although I am yet to determine the reason for this :)