Sunday, January 06, 2008

Unable to Join the Game: Age on Kings (Conquerors)

This is a first off topic post on my blog about a lovely game from Microsoft: Age

of Kings also called as Age of Empires II : Conquerors. I have been a fan of this

game from my schooldays and been playing multiplayer matches on

during my college days. Lately Microsoft has closed However there

are few third party multiplayer sites going on which are exactly same as For ex:

However I was facing the famous issue Unable to Join the Game. Forwarded all

the required ports, turned of firewalls , still no issue. I even installed the

TCP sniffer to see if incoming packets were hitting my system. To my surprise

they were and still no luck in connection. Finally after 3 days of trying, I found a

hidden setting in my wireless router which was causing this issue. I had Upnp

enabled in my router by default and disabling it completely resolved the

issue. To anyone curious who want to know what the Upnp is : J


Onkar Joshi said...

That game seems to live on and on and on....


Anonymous said...

I searched the internet hours until I lose my hope. Then, after trying everything you did, I came into your blog and did what you said. Of course, I didnt expect much of a result. But I was surprised when the game actually connected!! I have to thank you forever for this. 4Eva!

Anonymous said...

"I had Upnp enabled in my router by default and disabling it completely resolved the issue."
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks man !!! it works !

Unknown said...

THIS REALLY WORKS!. I was almost the full weekend working to solve this issue: "fighting" with firewalls & port opening, antivirus, reinstallations, etc., it drove me crazy because the problem seemed to be random, sometimes it worked just fine; the next it didn't... yours is the real solution!!! Now it works all the time and faster... Thanks! Really!, thanks for sharing your solution and cure my headache

Anonymous said...

Thanks man! it really worked! I was tired of running all day to one pc to another testing port opening, turning off firewall, creating new multiplayer sessions... !

Anonymous said...

This works!!! Thank you so much. I tried every where and I was skeptical as well, but it works. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thankz man it really solved my pronblem :D