Monday, June 26, 2006

Installing MOSS 2007 on a single standalone machine

Normal installation of MOSS 2007 require a farm of computers like domain controller, database server and atlast a web server for a reasonable performance. But if you are a home user like me, who has unfortunately only a single laptop , even then you can install MOSS 2007 on your PC without installing Active Directory and that too with good performance.

The key to installing on a single machine is not choosing the standalone option while installing MOSS 2007. The standalone option works fine when installed with a domain account but on a standalone machine it fails on Step 8 with SQLException of failed login.

To Install MOSS 2007 on a single machine follow these steps:
  • Do a clean installation of Windows Server 2003
  • Install SP1
  • Configure the server as Application server with support.
  • Install .net 2.0 framework
  • Install Windows Workflow components beta 2
  • Install either SQL 2k5, 2k or SQL Express
  • Install MOSS 2007 and choose complete option.
When it asks for the database server in the configuration wizard, give the name of your own machine as the database server. This is installing farm configuration but on the single machine.This way you dont even need the domain controller or a domain account.


Anonymous said...

I got up to the page to Specify Configuration Database Settings, and it does ask for server name. However, it also insists upon Username and Password. I have never set up SharePoint before, so I have no idea what to do now. I setup SQL 2005 Express, and I don't see a username or password associated with it at all.

Madhur said...

The login information which setup is asking are the login credentials for the database. Since you are using SQL Express, just provide the Administrator credentials of your local system which you are using to install sharepoint.
Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Hi Madhur,
Just wanted to thank you for your blog. I was trying to setup MOSS 2007 on a standalone with the "standalone" option and not understanding why it did not work.

Other "experts" wrote you need 2 VMs - 1 to setup as a domain controller etc. Good thing I saw your blog before getting myself entangled with such options.

Anonymous said...

Hi Madhur,

What is the spec of the laptop you have MOSS 2007 installed on?



Madhur said...

hi andrew
its 1.8 GHz(AMD) with 512 MB RAM and 60 GB HDD.

Anonymous said...


Does it work on release?

Madhur said...

I havnt tested this setup on RTM version yet....

Anonymous said...

It works :)

Rishit said...

A previous user installed Moss2007 as standalone(without specify farm environment). So it now only uses Windows authentication with Sql Express.
1)It doesnt even allow me to specify username/password. Is it possible to change this?
2)What account does MOSS2007 use by default while connecting to config database or others?
3) In my efforts to change things, I disconnected(using psconfig) and then tried to reconnect wss to the farm. However, there is a encryption key in registry that gets deleted while doing this. Now I always get this error:error during encryption or decryption. System error code 0. Any ideas?? Pls help since this is getting frustrating.