Saturday, June 24, 2006

Limitations of Infopath 2007

Ability to submit to SQL Server

o In order to submit to a database (Access or SQL Server) you need to initially create the InfoPath form from the Access or SQL Database. So if you, say, created a “blank” form, added nodes, controls, etcAndnd now want to submit that to SQL Server there is no way to reverse engineer that template to do so.

o Assuming you did initially create the InfoPath form directly on your SQL Server database, you will not be able to “submit” to that database if your form was designed for both the client and the web browser. If this is the case, it is by design that you cannot submit directly to a database from a web enabled form.

- Message about an Administrator needing to approve the template

o This is also by design. If you create a form that includes the ability to be displayed in the web browser *and* either include managed code and/or set the form to Full Trust, you cannot deploy that form directly to Office Server. This is a security decision that was made: if your form requires Full Trust or contains managed code then a server administrator needs to be aware of this – hence the only way to get this form deployed is via an “Admin” deployment.

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